To All Psych Grad Students:

Over the last year, many changes have been made to the psychology doctoral program structure and governance. As students, we are concerned about the extent to which psych students across subprograms and campuses have been largely left in the dark about these changes and our shrinking representation in developing the new structure. We created this site to make information about these changes more available, to facilitation discussion amongst us and to establish a center for our organizing efforts as students.

We seek to make our efforts as transparent, inclusive and participatory as possible. This site is publicly visible in the hope that we can reach as many psych grad students as possible. Here you can find general information about the changes that have happened/are happening, upcoming events, who to contact from your subprogram, and how to get involved.

We also have formed a private working group on the CUNY Commons to allow for uninhibited conversation among students and to circulate and edit our internal documents. All psych grad students can and are encouraged to join!  Click here for instructions.

We encourage all psych grad students to participate and to share this site as widely as possible.  This is a chance for us to come together, get informed and make sure our needs are not lost in the shuffle!

– Psych Grad Students (a group of 20 so far)


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