Basics of What You Need to Know

What’s going on with the psychology restructuring ? What do I need to know? How will this affect me?


Some students have begun to raise their issues and propose alternatives that are more responsive to our needs. There are probably more that haven’t been raised:

  • Students outside of the Graduate Center feel alienated from this process
  • Decision-making is being centralized within a smaller group, without student input
  • Everyone is concerned around issues of funding and resource distribution
  • There will be an institutionalized lack of student representation in the new governance structures: decisions will be made by all-psych committees which will only have 2 student representatives (who may have no knowledge of your training area’s issues)

How will resources be distributed to be responsive to the different needs of the different training areas? How will students who want to do work across training areas and clusters be supported? How will students who want to work with faculty of different programs be supported? How do we ensure that faculty are as collaborative and generative as the kind of scholars we want to be? Can a student be a student of training area but identify with another cluster?

  • Voice your opinion and concerns in the private student group
  • Contribute to our list of demands, including revising the new governance structures
  • United, we have the power to make sure our interests are represented!
  • Join the “insider” student-only group. Click here for instructions.
  • Encourage your cohorts and subprograms to get involved
  • Attend the March 19th meeting at the Graduate Center


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